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Finding Inspiration with Every Workout 

CrossFit West Covina is a premier private gym in the San Gabriel Valley. Offering 2 Floors of training space equaling 6000 sqft. Our training style is one of the most effective and efficient general fitness programs in the world. We use constantly varied, functional movements at an intensity that delivers dramatic fitness results for individuals of all fitness levels. From the beginner to the advanced our goal is to prepare you for life’s obstacles. We do that by using fun & exciting training principles that mimics life – running, jumping, squatting, pulling, pushing, and all of the above. With constant information and motivation we will get you in the best shape of your life!

Come see what CFWC can do for you!

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By clicking the link above you will be directed to our class schedule. Here you will be able to schedule a free trial class at CrossFit West Covina. We offer classes as early as 5am and our last class of the day at 7:30pm.  After your free trial we offer a two week free membership to truly decide if CFWC is the best fit for you!

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Coach Eric 626-758-7418

1705 Garvey Ave N

West Covina Ca

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