June 13th 2020
Thanks to everyone who stopped by today to drop off equipment or just to say Hi :)
It was nice to see all of you! 
Sunday myself and Coach Marcos will be at the gym from 10am-4pm. We will be finishing up the last few projects and accepting more equipment drop offs that day. 
Today we updated our Class schedule on the push press app. You'll notice that the screen is grey that means that you will be unable to reserve the class. The classes will turn blue and allow you register 12 Hours before the class is scheduled to begin.
You can  register for a class all the way up until it starts and you will be able to cancel a reservation up to one hour before a class starts.
Thank you all for being so patient and working with your coaches as we learn how to adapt to this training style. We have heard many stories about barbershops and restaurants that constantly get checked by the health department. So we are making sure to stay in the guidelines. We know in the long run it will really benefit our health and how we workout!
Coach Eric 
Here is todays workout

Workout #12

Workouts #13
Option 1)
Complete 5 Miles of Activity 
Walk, Hike, Run 
Option 2)
Bike Ride 10 Miles  
Option 3)
Complete a 40+ min Workout

Challenge Points 

Bri - 12

Bianca -1 

Coach Eric - 8

Cha Cha - 5

Coco - 5

Danielle - 3

Elizabeth - 10

Emma - 2

Indi - 2

Julio - 4

Jaz- 2

Kenia - 1 

Neil- 2

Nicole - 2 

Marissa -11

Lorrie - 12

Verro - 11

Urbana - 5

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